Aplitech Hidraulica somos un equipo de profesionales dedicados a aportar soluciones específicas para el equipamiento de vehículos industriales.
En sectores de construcción, transporte de mercancías, reciclaje, forestal etc.


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Rendimiento y capacidad de elevación superiores que hacen que esta grúa constituya una clase por sí sola. Grúa modelo Z plegable con capacidad de 22,5 toneladas.

La LOGLIFT 265Z es el producto estrella de la serie Z, con una capacidad de elevación y un alcance desconocidos hasta ahora en su clase. Gracias al ingenioso diseño del largo cilindro auxiliar, el rendimiento de la grúa ligera y compacta LOGLIFT 265Z es superior al de otras grúas de su categoría. La LOGLIFT 265Z es una buena alternativa a las grúas para troncos largos con brazo recto, dado que no limita la altura de la cabina del camión ni reduce el valioso espacio de carga necesario para la madera.


Datos básicos

Características estándar y opcionales


nDurance – Protect your investment * Uphold long-term performance with effective anti-corrosive protection * High-Tech paint process based on nano-technology and e-coating * Keeping your crane viisually appealing year after year nDurance is a technologically advanced and environmentally sound pre-treatment and paint process, based on nano technology combined with state-of-the-art e-coating and powder painting. Read More about nDurance: https://www.hiab.com/en/global/ndurance

Oil Bath

Keeping the slewing mechanism immersed in oil is a prerequisite in the heavy-duty type of work that our cranes perform. The oil bath provides smooth and precise slewing and reduces wear on the mechanism, keeping repair and service costs to a minimum.

Hydraulic Pilot Control

Hydraulic Pilot Control – Easy control of the flow. *Smooth crane control due to perfectly controlled hydraulic fluid * Helps you work faster, get more done and perform better * Enjoy the feeling of feather light crane steering Hydraulic pilot control (HPC) gives you light responsive controls and a smoother controls and a smoother crane ride. This is achieved by controlling the hydraulic fluid as it passes through the machine and regulates the function of the control valve. Read more about our features: https://www.hiab.com/en/global/forestry-features

Double Rack Slewing

Double-rack slewing gives the slewing motion a smooth start and is especially suitable for heavy-duty applications. The end cushion dampens slewing effectively when approaching the limit. The double-rack design is extremely reliable and also gives high torque – keeping maintenance costs down and productivity up. Rack and pinion slewing provides reliable operation even on inclines or slopes.

Swivelling Couplings

Swivelling couplings increase the lifetime of hydraulic hoses. Hoses can move more freely when the crane rotates which reduces wear. This means you spend less time on repairs and have lower maintenance costs and increased uptime. The swivelling couplings are a JIC coupling rotating together with the hose. These types of couplings are found on all hydraulic lines for pressure, tank and slewing going from crane base to the control valve and the boom system.

HPL (Hose Protection Link)

Long live hoses! Irregular loads such as logs, branches and scrap metal can be a problem and damage equipment – hydraulic hoses in particular are at risk. The Hose Protection Link, HPL, is a smart way of protecting them. Hydraulic hoses run from the crane tip through the link down to the rotator keeping them well protected, yet accessible for service and maintenance as necessary. Read more about our features: https://www.hiab.com/en/global/forestry-features

Top Seat

Comfort is a priority when you work outdoors, especially when conditions are extreme. The high seat is comfortable, ergonomic and easy to access. You can adjust your seat upwards, downwards, forwards and backwards to find your own ideal working position. Your high seat can also be heated, or equipped with a protective hood that folds out from behind your head.

Especificaciones del modelo

Alcance de extensión hidráulica (M)8.29.5
Capacidad de elevación (kNm)225216
Peso (kg)27802970


nDurance Video

HIAB nDurance protects the crane from the elements with the best in surface protection. Technologically advanced and environmentally sound, this high-tech painting system first shields the crane’s parts with an ultra-thin nanoceramic layer that prevents corrosion. Afterwards they receive a lacquer polymer e-coating and a durable powder coating, creating stunning good looks that will last the crane’s lifetime.

Hose Protection Link
Premium Top Seat