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Remote controlled loader crane.
CE marked.

xx Tm range capacity loader crane.

The 955 crane combines the main technological EFFER innovations both from a technical-structural point of view and in terms of safety, because it is equipped with the Progress electronic control system.

The main booms of the crane and the various joints available allow operations to be performed even in environments where the available space is limited and the jib or crane hook needs be placed at a remarkable height.

Especificaciones del modelo

EFFER 955 2SEFFER 955 4SEFFER 955 6SEFFER 955 7SEFFER 955 8SEFFER 955 9S
Alcance de extensión hidráulica (M)8.111.916.318.520.823.2
Capacidad de elevación (kNm)791749734728723718
Peso (Kg)653572107825808583708600
Maximum working slope8.
Max. oil delivery130130130130130130
Oil tank capacity260260260260260260

Product dimension

Dimension 1
Dimension 2