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“iQ” represents the next generation HIAB cranes with the most advanced control system and design.

The most advanced model platform within the HIAB loader crane range of products.

Remote controlled loader crane.
CE marked.

The Crane designed from the future
90tm range crane.

This model is a modern and well balanced loader crane, represents the best balance point between performance, everyday use and high level of innovation content.

The HIAB iQ.958 HiPro excels in the performance of the 8 extension variant with the JIB 6 extensions, reaching that optimal lifting figure that outbeats competition.

This crane is characterized by the new SPACEevo control system that is an open and modular platform, that allows to add and create new functionalities over time, assuring the HIAB iQ.958 HIPRO a long lasting operating time over the years and a higher residual value.


Características estándar y opcionale


The innovative V12-Power boom shape, for both the crane and JIB, is the result of Hiab’s engineering department to develop products that are suited for the application they are going to be used for. The uncompromised design delivers the highest level of heavy lifting performance in a crane of this category, allowing the crane to be extremely light and be compact in its size comparable to its range. The immediate benefit is to increase the transportation allowance on the truck.


Our equipment comes connectivity enabled. Connectivity, in combination with our connected services, allows you to be in constant contact with equipment, assets and people to enhance the productivity, efficiency and safety of your business.


HIAB HiPro es el sistema de control remoto más avanzado del sector. Gracias a un alto caudal de aceite que permite varios movimientos simultáneos, y en aras de alcanzar la máxima productividad, garantiza la mayor velocidad y precisión posibles. Hiab HiPro cuenta con un control automático de velocidad (ASC) que aumenta la capacidad sin necesidad de detener ninguna acción del operador. La distribución del caudal de la bomba (PFD) distribuye uniformemente el aceite de manera proporcional a los movimientos de control, garantizando así un funcionamiento muy suave sin aceleraciones repentinas de la carga.

VSL PLUS (Variable Stability Logic Plus)

VSLPLUS es un sistema de seguridad que maximiza la capacidad de la grúa calculando la estabilidad en función de la posición de las patas del estabilizador y el peso total del camión.

Semi-Automatic Folding (SAF)

Semi-Automatic Folding (SAF) is a feature that allows the operator to fold and unfold the boom system in one single sequence, using only one lever. SAF is available for XSDrive 6 levers, CombiDrive and for XSDrive joystick controllers. Right now not available for S-boom versions. The folding and unfolding is operated to/from normal folded position (Napoleon folding). It is one, fixed sequence of movements. The operator decides the speed of the movements adjusting the lever stroke.

Load Stability System for vertical movements (LSS-V)

LSS automatically compensates for unintentionally excessive lever moment in vertical operations. This makes crane operation faster and smoother and helps protect the cargo, the vehicle and the work environment in the vicinity of the crane against potential damage.

ASC – Automatic Speed Control

ASC gives a step less increase in lifting capacity of up to 10%, all in one smooth, continuous motion. This feature, unique to Hiab, engages automatically, which means that the operator does not feel or notice a thing. The function activates as you reach the regular capacity limit, meaning that you can still lift the load where other cranes would have come to a complete stop. To compensate for the capacity boost, the speed of the inner and outer boom is slightly reduced. Capacity ceiling, safety and efficiency are significantly increased by this feature.

ADC – Automatic Duty Control

Hiab’s unique and patented Automatic Duty Control (ADC) function is the only fully automatic system of its type on the market. It can boost your crane’s listed capacity in suspended load applications by 10% without imposing additional stress or fatigue on the steel structure. This helps to reduce maintenance over the lifetime of the crane. If your crane detects upward pressure on the boom tip – for example, when digging or auguring – the capacity will automatically return to normal level. With ADC you can safely perform lifts that would otherwise exceed the crane’s capacity and you can continue to work without interruption when a high-capacity lift is needed. ADC increases the versatility of the crane and makes it more serviceable.


nDurance – Protect your investment * Uphold long-term performance with effective anti-corrosive protection * High-Tech paint process based on nano-technology and e-coating * Keeping your crane viisually appealing year after year nDurance is a technologically advanced and environmentally sound pre-treatment and paint process, based on nano technology combined with state-of-the-art e-coating and powder painting. Read More about nDurance: https://www.hiab.com/en/global/ndurance

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